Renovation Specialists

  • Eco Tiffin

    Eco Tiffin guides clients through the entire process, starting from the initial survey to the completion of retrofit or damp remediation work. Our surveyors employ thermal imaging to assess and pinpoint problematic areas, crafting a customised plan for your property. Our team includes skilled retrofit builders prepared to execute the necessary work efficiently.

  • Mike Wye Ltd

    For 30 years Mike Wye Ltd have championed the use of sustainable building and insulation materials. We’re the renowned leading supplier of a wide range of eco-friendly building and insulation products, including STEICO wood fibre insulation, GEOCELL Foam Glass aggregate, and Secil lime plasters and renders.

  • Unity Lime

    Unity Lime was created to share our passion, knowledge, and experience of both lime & natural insulation products. We are the national distributor of PAVATEX wood fibre insulation and provide a one stop shop for materials, systems build ups & technical information for architects, contractors, and homeowners alike. With locations in Buckinghamshire & York, our […]