Ticket Advice

If you are struggling to find the tickets you have booked, here are some tips on how to locate them:

I can’t find my e-ticket / I accidentally deleted the email info about my e-ticket.

Your ticket was booked via a ticketing platform called EventBrite.

You can search your email inbox for an email directly from EventBrite.

Since they have done an upgrade on their system, the tickets are no longer attached to the email.

The easiest way to access your tickets if via the EventBrite app. If you don’t already have the app, you can download the EventBrite app here.

Alternatively you can log onto their website and access your account. You might not have completed your account yet, so simply click on ‘forgot password’ and it will take you through the process of finishing your account creation. Once done, you will be able to see your Tickets. Your email address will be the same one as you  used to make your booking.

Any further queries, please email us  builditlive@castlemedia.co.uk


I can’t print off my tickets, can I still get into the show?

You do not need to print your tickets, you can simply show your e-tickets on your mobile phone. We will scan the barcode to allow you entry into the exhibition. NOTE: we can also look you up on our system.

I haven’t received my order confirmation email. How do I check I’m definitely booked?

If you haven’t received your order confirmation email (from EventBrite), please contact us on builditlive@castlemedia.co.uk and we will check your order. We resend all confirmation emails closer to the time, as a reminder to our customers.

Still have questions?

Please email builditlive@castlemedia.co.uk