Land Zone

Visit our Land Zone

Make sure you visit the Land Zone, brought to you by PlotBrowser – the online portal dedicated to real building plots. Here, you’ll be able to discover the various routes to finding the right plot for your build. The Land Zone will offer valuable tips for finding land, and you’ll be able to browse live listings currently for sale, in order to secure your very own piece of land.

Serviced Plots

You’ll also be able to obtain information about the latest serviced plot projects across the UK.

Seminars and Talks

At the show, we’ll also have plenty of seminars and talks, dedicated to finding and securing land.

So much to think about!

There is a lot to consider when hunting for a plot of land to build your dream home on. Does the plot have planning permission granted? If so, what type of planning permission – detailed with specifics in place or more flexible outline permission? When does the planning permission expire, or has it already done so? And so the list of considerations goes on. Check out these articles by one of Build It’s experts, Mike Dade, “Buying the Right Plot” and Avoiding Plot & Planning Pitfalls.