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Halcyan Water Conditioners protect your entire ‘wet’ system by providing the simplest, sustainable, long-term solution for preventing and removing limescale. Saving money, saving energy and helping to save the planet.

If you live in a hard water area (like 60% of the UK), then you’ll know how destructive and annoying limescale can be, crusting up around your shiny new taps, blocking your showerheads, making cleaning harder and wasting lots of energy by insulating the elements on your boiler. So if you’re planning a renovation or new build, think protection from the start, and invest in a Halcyan Water Conditioner. The only system to provide a 30 year warranty while powerfully preventing and removing limescale. It requires no salts or servicing, doesn’t waste water and allows you to drink healthy hard water from every tap in the house. Save yourself from worry, protect your home and family, and quietly enjoy knowing that you’re also helping reduce your carbon footprint by around half a tonne of carbon a year! Simply, fit and forget your Halcyan.

We are delighted to offer, visitors to our stand, a discount of £70 off the price of a whole house unit*, as we love meeting our customers.

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