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Protek specialise in providing insurance and structural warranties for people undertaking new builds, renovations, extensions, or conversions.

We understand the risks you face and will give you all the assistance you need to get the right cover in place for your project. If you are undertaking a new build, managing or assuming responsibility for a project prior to completion, you will need to consider both site insurance and structural warranty to fully protect your self during the build and post completion.

An important consideration to bear in mind is that ordinary home insurance will not provide sufficient cover for an extension or renovation project and often specifically excludes these projects – which is why Site Insurance is so important. The sum you insure your project for needs to be sufficient to cover the full rebuilding cost of the whole project should for example,  it be destroyed by fire immediately prior to completion.

We have useful guides available for download and quotations are available on our website.


Site insurance is a specific type of policy designed to cover a new self build, renovation, extension or conversion project. Site insurance is designed to be taken out from the moment you exchange contracts on the plot or building to be renovated. It then continues during the planning process and construction phases until the project is completed and taken into use. Protek’s site insurance policy has been designed to provide protection against the loss and damage that is inherent in the type of building project you are undertaking and takes into consideration the level of responsibility you have and the unique nature of the project you are working on.

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Physical damage: Protecting you against physical loss or damage to the works, materials, plant, caravans, tools and equipment used throughout the project. A fire loss, accidental damage, weather related loss, theft and vandalism all fall into this area of cover.

Liability: Covers your incurred liability in the event you inadvertently damage someone else’s property or cause injury to another person during the course of the build. Causing damage to a neighbouring property is easily understood, but you may be responsible for health & Safety on the site and a worker could sue you for an injury following an accident, however minor.


The inherent flexibility of Protek’s site insurance policy is absolutely key. You can pick and choose the cover duration to suit your project timelines as well as selecting an excess that suits your risk appetite. We realise not everything will always go to plan so if you need more time or you suffer a loss on your site we will be on hand to provide the service you need. Use our online quotation system to get a quote tailored to your specific needs and secure cover in just a few minutes. Once your policy is in place you can change the options as many times as needed through the life-cycle of your project.

Help is at hand:

Our staff have years of experience in arranging site insurance for people undertaking self-build, renovation, conversion and extension projects and are happy to chat your project through with you to help you assess the cover you need.

For more information, visit the site insurance page specific to your project type.

New self build





Self build structural warranty is essential for anyone undertaking a new self build, conversion, extension or renovation project. Whether you are managing the project or arranging a turn key solution for the creation of your self build home, the Protek self build structural warranty has been created to specifically cover crucial elements of the property that otherwise would remain your responsibility.

Cover is underwritten by Canopius Managing Agents Limited, Lloyd’s Syndicate 4444/958, providing exceptionally good security and is accepted by lenders. For more information on which lenders have confirmed the acceptance of the structural warranty scheme please click here.

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Our self build structural warranty covers defects in the design, workmanship, materials and components of the project should they fail and cause damage or

Technical audit inspections are carried out on every project. 10 Year building self build structural warranty cover from Protek.

Technical audit inspections are carried out on every project.

weather proofing issues. All the items covered in a structural warranty policy are specifically excluded under ordinary home insurance and invariably remain your responsibility. Rectifying damage to your home as a result of structural failure in a basement or wall construction for example, will be incredibly expensive and doesn’t bear thinking about.

In order to provide you with the 10 year cover, we check the design, workmanship, materials and components in the form of a plan and calculation check and a series of site based inspections. We can also incorporate the provision of building control into the process often saving our clients money. The warranty is available irrespective of whether you are using the local authority or an approved inspector to carry out building control. The policy includes cover for health and safety of occupants should it later transpire that the (self) builder failed to meet the building regulations in place at the time.

The Technical Audit Process

We understand the complexities of undertaking a building project and aim to make the technical audit process as straightforward and stress free as possible. Upon receiving your instruction, we will convey to you everything that we are going to require and we aim to have a surveyor on site within 5 working days. We will report to you after each stage along with any issues we have identified that need to be dealt with. Upon satisfactory completion of the audit process we will be able to issue cover, which is transferable to a successor in title after the first 12 months.

Stage Payment Certificates

As part of the quotation process we will ask you to confirm whether or not you require stage payment certificates. These can be incorporated very efficiently in the technical audit process.


Contract disputes are unwelcome and often expensive to resolve. Protek’s legal expenses cover is designed to provide you with the legal expenses cover you need.


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