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Gartec was founded with a clear aim, to become the leader in platform lift solutions with a hassle-free experience, making buildings more accessible, opening up possibilities and options for users. One of our key objectives is to use our expertise and knowledge so that we can deliver exceptional service. The use of well-designed lift products has led us to shape the industry and become an award-winning business.

When it comes to navigating your house as a disabled person, a wheelchair user, or an elderly person, it can be difficult at times. Stairs are sometimes rendered a complete non-option due to pain or inability to climb stairs, and you are left living in half of your home. 

Gartec makes it easier than ever to get around your home. With the installation of an unobtrusive and elegant residential lift, you can travel between floors in a smooth, quiet, safe, and comfortable fashion – allowing you to retain the maximum amount of comfortable living space. We offer a wide variety of lift options to suit your specific home and mobility needs, including:


Improve your quality of life and get around your house easier than ever before with the installation of an elegant domestic lift. 

M O D E L S :

Aritco HomeLift (AHL)

The Aritco HomeLift (AHL) is a desirable home lift choice for homeowners, due to its aesthetics and design options. It offers a design statement to the home and lights up a hallway with the desired colour lighting.

  • Optimal design and size with a wide range of finishes.
  • Made using up to 95% recyclable materials.
  • Energy efficient (low power usage).
  • Minimal building work and quick installation. 

Aritco Home Lift Access

The Aritco HomeLift Access has been designed by our parent company Aritco, who have developed the lift to be energy-efficient with low power usage and operating costs – using as much energy as a kettle or hairdryer. We are proud to say our lifts made up of up to 95% recyclable materials, and with much development, the goal is to become 100%.

  • Multiple lift sizes
  • Shaft enclosure supplied with lift
  • Doors on up to 3 different sides
  • Safety edges around platform. 

Aritco Home Compact

Recently launched our Aritco HomeLift Compact is great accessibility and design now come in smaller packages than ever before. With the Aritco HomeLift Compact, no house or space is too small for the convenience and safety that a home lift provides. Our in-house engineers install the HomeLift Access in as little as 2-3 days.

With three platform sizes, the Aritco HomeLift Compact is suitable as both a small standard wheelchair lift (large platform option) or to carry up to 2 passengers (small and medium platform), great for any size property – and is eco-friendly to run, using around the same amount of power per year as a washing machine.

This domestic lift comes with its own shaft enclosure, making it a virtually free-standing lift, and is very easy to install anywhere in a new build, or as a retro fit in existing properties. The Aritco HomeLift Compact is both functional and stylish, designed to blend in and modernise any home.

  • Up to 6 stops 
  • Three lift sizes
  • Shaft enclosure supplied with lift
  • Doors on up to 3 different sides

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Our lifts come as standard with free site visits and consultations, showroom appointments, pre-installation checks, full handover and a 2 year warranty with servicing – as well as any advice or support you need along the way.

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