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Jackon offers two Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) systems, Atlas and Thermomur, which are set to revolutionise UK house construction in the coming years. The company has more than three decades’ expertise in the manufacture of XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulated core and EPS (moulded expanded polystyrene) formwork, which are at the core of the building systems which the company offers.


Offering cost-efficient and rapid installation, as well as a highly energy-efficient completed building, both systems are ideal for self-build projects.


Jackon brings over 30 years’ expertise in EPS and XPS manufacturing to this market. The company’s products are manufactured in Europe, with European Technical Approvals and Passivhaus certification. They are proven to perform well and widely used in Scandinavia and other countries which experience extreme climatic conditions. In the UK the products conform to all the relevant British Standards.


The systems facilitate fast and easy installation on site and bring all the advantages of very high insulation levels, elimination of thermal bridging, air tightness, moisture and mould resistance and acoustic insulation.


Jackon high quality ICF systems make the construction of low energy and zero energy homes possible. In view of the interest in energy efficiency and the Government’s green building agenda, this is a highly relevant building technology, which also has all the necessary planning and insurance approvals. It has many advantages both in construction and over the lifetime of the building, when compared to brick build, timber frame or any other building technique traditionally used in the UK


Jackon supports self-builders with its dedicated national sales team, the option of customer training and technical presentations for self-build enthusiasts and construction professionals.


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