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We passionately believe building materials should be good for your health, good for the planet’s health and perform extremely well. We are passionate about building with hempcrete for two simple reasons, firstly it has huge environmental benefits, and secondly it’s ability to wrap your home in a naturally insulating breathable blanket.

Hempcrete is an amazing natural building material with many advantages. Unfortunately, there have traditionally been several issues which have restricted its wider use, such as requiring specialist knowledge, inconsistent supply and ultimately higher cost.

We have resolved these issues by using hempcrete blocks, which require no specialist skills or equipment, and by Partnering with Senini we have secured a regular high-quality supply, making the blocks more cost effective and available for more general use.

Our blocks are made of hemp shiv and hydrated lime. Hemp shiv is the chopped up woody stalk of the industrial hemp plant and is the waste from the hemp fibre industry. It is packed full of the carbon that the plant has taken out of the atmosphere during its growth.

When you build with our blocks you capture that carbon and fix it in the fabric of the building making our blocks carbon negative, as they have captured more carbon than it takes to produce and transport them. The advantage is doubled when you take in to account the carbon that would have been used to make the current insulation alternatives, making it a win, win.

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