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Here at Simply Soft based in Kent, we have been successfully supplying and maintaining our twin tank non-electric block salt water softener for over 20 years which provides softened water to your home 24/7.

Living in a hard water area you will see limescale deposits all over taps, baths, surfaces – anything the water touches. You might have spent thousands on your home, but with hard water it won’t be long until scale makes it look years older. With a Gemini Twin cylinder Softener, you can enjoy the wonders of Soft water; shinier home, softer on skin, fewer products, longer lasting appliances, bigger bubble baths and cheaper bills.

We achieve a high standard of customer care via our qualified support staff and engineers, we are not just there for the initial sale we will assist you throughout the lifetime of the softener with technical telephone support, our on site engineers plus salt and drinking water filters.

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