Plumbing & Drainage

  • Classic Water Softeners

    A Bicester-based company, Classic Water Softeners is a family-run firm with over 30 years experience that provides the highest quality water treatment systems and customer care. We offer a comprehensive range of water filtering and water softening products to suit anyone’s need.

  • CWT Partners Ltd

      Vulcan Anti-Limescale systems are the eco friendly alternative to water softeners. It does not use salt, chemicals, alloys, magnets or require cutting into pipes. This innovative technology helps to dissolve existing limescale and create a protective metal carbonate layer to protect against rust and corrosion. The Vulcan impulses stop the build up of limescale Established in 1948 and now […]


    Graf UK Ltd is a market leader in water management solutions, providing innovatively designed rainwater harvesting, stormwater and wastewater management systems that are manufactured at one of the world’s most modern and sustainable production facilities. It offers design, supply, installation and maintenance services for both domestic and commercial applications throughout the UK and Ireland.

  • Halcyan Water Conditioners

      Halcyan Water Conditioner’s unique alloy core powerfully prevents and removes limescale, combating losses in energy efficiency, increased maintenance and shortened equipment life. Halcyan uses no salts, chemicals or power and needs no maintenance, lasting for over 30 years; guaranteed. Halcyan are the sustainable solution to the problems of hard water.