Keeping Everyone at Build It Live Safe

Build It Live Bicester will be one of the safest events run this year – the exhibition hangar has massively high ceilings and great ventilation, there are external toilets and catering, and everyone can arrive without using public transport. The vast majority of attendees will have been double-vaccinated and everyone else will be required to have taken a lateral flow test.

No-one with COVID symptoms, as defined by the NHS, may enter the show or grounds of Bicester Heritage.

All exhibitors, visitors and contractors will be required to have proof that either:

  • They have been double vaccinated via the NHS App
  • They have had a negative lateral flow test within 48 hours
  • The NHS App confirms they have natural immunity from previous infection

We will accept various forms of proof and will use a common-sense approach when checking your status.  Your data will not be required nor stored by us, proof can simply be shown to a member of staff, if requested.

Attendees are encouraged to wear masks if this will make them feel more comfortable whilst in the show.

Extra cleaning will be undertaken and other measures to minimise COVID risks, please be kind to our staff if this leads to any inconvenience.