Exhibit at Build It Live

Are you thinking of exhibiting at one of our three annual Build It Live shows? We only sell stands to companies who are truly relevant to the self build and renovation market, so if your company offers products or services within our carefully selected categories, contact us to discuss exhibiting options. Get in touch with Sarah Nesbitt-Hawes today on 020 3627 3247 or by emailing Sarah.Nesbitt-Hawes@castlemedia.co.uk. Read on to find out why you can’t afford to miss out…

A proven route to quality leads

There’s no denying that the market is tough right now and some companies are struggling to gain good quality leads from people with live or planned projects. Over the last year, Build It Live has bucked the trend and delivered three busy shows that many described as being “like the good old days”.

How did we pull this off? Well, our industry-leading database of people with live projects, combined with an increased marketing budget certainly helped, but we believe it was our laser-focus that made the difference. There are still a large number of people with live self builds and renovation projects in England, but to attract them you need an extremely focused show like Build It Live, where all irrelevant exhibitors are excluded.

Instead, we invest in expertly curated content that meets the information needs of people with real projects and persuades them to visit what they recognise to be a must-attend, information-led event.

Nothing beats face to face

When it comes to promoting your business, meeting new customers and making all-important sales, nothing compares to the power of a carefully crafted, self build exhibition. It is proven that exhibitions are the most useful information source for people building their own home. People want to spend their money with companies they trust, and meeting suppliers in person is a fundamental part of their selection process.

At Build It Live, we’re dedicated to focusing on our self build roots, to ensure our shows only target serious self builders, renovators and home extenders. We’re passionate about remaining as practical and tailored to self building as possible. So, when you exhibit at Build It Live, you’ll be sure that you’re meeting the right people in the right areas – and having the best quality conversations with potential new customers.

100% focused

Unlike other shows, we have a strict vetting process. We only sell stands to focused companies from the self build and renovation sector. In fact, we reject companies if they do not meet the specific needs of self builders and renovators.

You’ll never find garden furniture or homewares at Build It Live! This means our visitors don’t come to our shows for a day out – they come to speak to expert suppliers and make important buying decisions.

Unique leads

This year, 79% of our visitors told us they had not recently visited any other self build show. Therefore, not only are the people you’ll meet the right people, they’re also totally unique to Build It Live!

The varied locations of our annual live shows means accessing affluent self build pockets across the UK is easier than ever. Our 2022 Build It Live shows welcomed nearly 10,000 visitors. The majority of these visitors already had active projects. For example, 72% of them were ready to go or underway with their projects.

Plus 67% of self-builders were prepared to spend between £125,000 and £500,000. 61% had also committed to travelling over 45 minutes to attend, which proves the quality of our audience and the attraction of our shows.

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