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Unity Lime was created to share our passion, knowledge, and experience of both lime & natural insulation products. We are the national distributor of PAVATEX wood fibre insulation and provide a one stop shop for materials, systems build ups & technical information for architects, contractors, and homeowners alike. With locations in Buckinghamshire & York, our team are keen to ensure the whole of the UK has access to high-quality, high-performance building materials.

Why use wood fibre? Wood fibre insulation not only provides excellent U-Values, Y-values & airtightness, it also has an excellent specific heat capacity making it a great choice to help prevent summertime overheating. It is breathable, meaning that it allows vapour to pass through the insulation, making it an excellent choice for historic masonry buildings and timber frame structures alike.

Why use Lime? Lime mortar is a must for historic monolithic masonry walls where moisture needs to escape the construction and its use helps prevent dampness in walls and protects the masonry itself from being damaged by the effects of freeze-thaw. When lime plasters & renders are combined with natural insulation materials such as PAVATEX the result is a beautiful, warm home that helps to regulate humidity and is extremely resistant to mould.

Come and say hello! We are here to help, our passion for the built environment grows from a love of the materials and a desire to make our buildings healthier placed to inhabit.

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