Halcyan Water Conditioners


7 Zetland Road, Bristol BS6 7AG

Stand No. Bicester



0345 5040656




Twitter: https://twitter.com/HalcyanWater


Halcyan Water Conditioner’s unique alloy core powerfully prevents and removes limescale, combating losses in energy efficiency, increased maintenance and shortened equipment life.

Halcyan uses no salts, chemicals or power and needs no maintenance, lasting for over 30 years; guaranteed. Halcyan are the sustainable solution to the problems of hard water.

A proven technology, quick and simple to install, Halcyan works as powerfully in retrofit as in new build systems. They are installed in commercial, healthcare and hospitality systems worldwide, as well as numerous homes. Fit Halcyan and enjoy scale-free systems and gentler, softened water, forever.


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Halcyan Water Conditioners

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