Custom Build

Custom Build at Build It Live

Custom Build is a bespoke home building route which enables people to create a bespoke property, while removing some of the hurdles associated with self-building. This means people can specify an individual home in a more ‘hands-off’ way. At Build It Live Bicester you’ll have the opportunity to book face-to-face consultation slots with our experts, to discuss all things custom build. You can also attend focused workshop and seminar sessions, tailored to giving you all the custom build information you need.

Learning Opportunities

When: Daily at 13.30 – What are the self-build opportunities on Graven Hill?
Where: Seminar Theatre

Find out more about the opportunities for building your own custom built home on Graven Hill, the UK’s largest self build scheme. What plots are available? What plans are afoot? Come along and listen to a Graven Hill representative for more information.

When: Daily at 15.00 – Options to Build on Graven Hill, Plus Future Plans
Where: Workshop Theatre

Find out more about the current and future opportunities for building your own custom built home on Graven Hill.

When: Daily at 15.00 – What is custom build?
Where: Self Build Academy Theatre

The Self-Build Academy taster sessions are 20 minute classes, brought to you by Potton, and are an opportunity for you to get a ‘taste’ of what to expect from their full day courses, which run at Potton’s show centre throughout the year. Their custom build taster session will provide you with all the information you need about custom build, how it differs from self-build, and the opportunity to ask the experts at Potton your questions.


Custom Build Exhibitors

Find out which of our exhibitors can offer you guidance for your custom build. From energy-efficient homes to architects specialising in customisable properties, we have an exhibitor to assist you with your custom build scheme.

View the full list of custom build exhibitors here.

Don’t forget to head to the Right to Build stand to pick up valuable information about this new Government legislation.

You can find more information about custom build below, in two news stories taken from the Build It Newspaper, distributed across Oxfordshire and the western home counties in May.

18,000 want to build

MP Richard Bacon has announced the number of people in the UK looking to self-build in England over the next three years.

New research carried out by the National Custom and Self Build Association (NACSBA) has revealed that about 18,000 people have signed up to local authority custom and self-build registers to exercise their ‘Right to Build‘.

By Requesting freedom of information data from 336 councils in England, NaCSBA uncovered that around 14,300 people signed up to the registers between 1st April and 31st October 2016. In additional, the 12 vanguards councils, which set up their own demand lists in 2014, have had over 3,700 people and groups sign up. With this in mind, it has been predicted that over 18,000 people have signed up to exercise their Right to Build across England.

Richard Bacon MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for self build, custom and Community Housebuilding and Placemaking, who together with NaCSBA has championed the introduction of the Right to Build, said: “I’m delighted that about 18,000 people and groups of people have so far signed up to the Right to Build registers across England. Cherwell Council has over 2,000 people registered, showing the true potential of custom and self build. A number of local authorities now have over 100 people registered, but still too many have under 10 names. There are also still some laggards that have not set their registers up or have yet to market them. Imagine the potential once all the registers are up and running and, like Cherwell Council, all councils apply full effort to marketing their registers.”

Michael Holmes, Chair of NaCSBA, said: “The Potential is immense and if local authorities can consent their serviced plots in a timely matter, the Right to Build could play a big role in meeting the government’s target for building 20,000 custom and self build homes a year by 2020.”

Article taken from Build It News Bicester, published in May 2017 and distributed across Oxfordshire and the western home counties.

Beginner’s guide to custom build homes

A new way to create your own bespoke property is sweeping the nation, but what is it and how does it differ from self-build? We look at the latest way to achieve your ideal home.

In many ways custom building is very similar to self-building – it enables you to create a home that suits your needs, that you’ve helped to design and one that’s more affordable than a similar home on the conventional market. The main difference is that you’ll work alongside a specialist developer to help deliver the project. In most cases, this means you’ll have experts on hand to guide you through the entire process. What’s more, the developer will have already overcome many of the common hurdles that self-builders face – the plot is secured, services are in place and planning permission will have been set.

“This de-risks the process for the potential home owners,” says Tom Connor of Custom Build Homes. “Some people are concerned that custom building with a developer means they won’t have control over the design and layout – but this isn’t the case. All custom build sites are different and each will have its own rules; a good custom build developer will be able to tailor the properties to suit the owners’ needs.”

As with self-build, there is no one fixed way to complete a project. There are a variety of options, but the common feature is that your developer, or custom build enabler, will have taken away some of the pressure of doing a traditional self build. And, although it’s a successful method of house building throughout Europe and further afield, it is still relatively new to the UK. It was first introduced via the Government’s 2011 Housing Strategy for England; fast forward five years and there’s legislation in place to make this kind of development much easier.

“The Government is hoping to shape an environment where custom build can become a mainstream option for the provision of new housing,” says Tom, “and one that will to solve the nation’s housing availability crisis.”

Article taken from Build It News Bicester, published in May 2017 and distributed across Oxfordshire and the western home counties.