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Think Fabric First

Scotframe manufacture Val-U-ThermPLUS® the unique factory injected PU closed panel timber frame wall, roof and floor systems.

Val-U-ThermPLUS® achieves very low U values, is exceptionally thermally efficient and virtually airtight thereby dramatically reducing space heating energy costs.

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The fabric of a building gives substance to its thermal performance  

In practice, the energy efficiency of a building boils down to a couple of things.

How much fuel is required to power its heating and water systems and how well the building manages to retain the heat that is generated.

Scotframe are manufacturers of a unique and highly innovative injected PU closed panel timber frame system called Val-U-ThermPLUS® which directly addresses these issues.

Val-U-ThermPLUS® panels are factory injected with a high performance PU material, which fills every void, making it exceptionally thermally efficient, achieves extremely low U values and is virtually airtight.

Ask any of our clients and they will tell you our timber frame packages are more comprehensive, have a superior fit and build and contain more prefabricated components than any other manufacturer, all of which will save you valuable time and money.

We advise and assist on all aspects of private and commercial projects thereby ensuring the client receives a thermally engineered solution exactly matched to their requirements.

This is achieved through close analysis of the design criteria matched with the manufacturing and subsequent build requirements of the project

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