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For smart blinds which shade and generate energy, WiSER has the perfect solution to advise on and install. Speak to our certified shading advisor at Build It Live to help you plan and budget – thinking about this now will help save you money and get the aesthetic finish you want.”

  • WiSER motorised blinds and curtain tracks – automated to provide privacy, glare and temperature control, protection from UV rays, and convenience. Hide them in cavity boxes for minimalist contemporary design.
  • SolarGaps blinds – solarPV panels in external venetian blinds to generate energy and provide shading
  • SolarShadow verandas – solarPV panels in a fixed frame for waterproof cover. Can be used as a veranda, a stand-alone pergola or a car port.
  • Prana Ventilation – decentralised, controllable heat recovery and air quality control
  • Tempura Heaters – immediate, adjustable infrared heat which only heats the skin not the air with low operating costs.

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