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We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of a healthy home, sustainably and economically with fresh filtered air, no condensation, no stale air in the kitchen or bathrooms and no recirculated dust.

We design, supply and install heat pump ventilation, heat recovery ventilation, compact service units and central vacuum systems. We also design, supply and complete MCS reports for air-source heat pumps and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Our flagship system and Build It Award Finalist, the HPV Series, provides precise and exact heating, heat recovery ventilation, COOLING and hot water all in one very energy efficient Passivhaus Certified system. If you are making your home air-tight and well insulated, this could be the one system you need!

CHAT with us now, with any questions; which ventilation or heating product is suitability for your home, where’s the best place for the unit, type of ventilation ducting, what do you need to prepare for in your build process or can you book an appointment to see all our products in our showrooms in Moreton in Marsh!

WATCH our workshop presentation on Saturday entitled:

Reducing energy bills & improving air quality: how eco should you go?

EXPERIENCE our products at our showrooms in Moreton in Marsh, the National Self-build & Renovation in Swindon, the Build It Education House or the Potton Passivhaus in St Neots.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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