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SOLARWATT UK offer PV systems to produce, manage and store energy. We are a German systems provider supplying you with all the essential PV components for your energy self-sufficiency – in premium quality. We take ownership of targeted research and development of all our products for a greener future. By combining our core competencies of energy production, energy management, and energy storage, you get a system with maximum service life, maximum efficiency, and maximum safety.

We are proud to present the Eco Energy Environment Carport in conjunction with SOLARWATT’s premium panels.  If you are interested in Solar but have a shortage of space on your roof, a carport or pergola could be the solution to give your property the ability to generate solar, turning an unproductive area into an asset.

With decades of experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing standards, SOLARWATT UK ensure top quality for your solar electricity production. Despite the constant expansion of the product portfolio, the company remains true to its principles: All products are made in Germany and are of the highest quality.

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Solar Car Port by Eco Energy Environment