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BeadMaster offers a range of game-changing products that give interior finishes the edge. The cover plates not only guarantee a perfect finish around sockets, switches and downlights, but upgrades the installation process. If you’re looking to avoid cracks and gaps around your plug sockets and light switches, choose BeadMaster.



Launched in 2019, BeadMaster offers a range of game-changing products that make the installation of sockets, switches, downlights and sprinklers easier and more efficient, saving on time and cost, whilst improving trade relationships and delivering a superior finish.

The product is simple by design: a plastic plate that sits neatly in the hole the electrician has cut during first fix. The smooth finish is created by stapling the product to the plasterboard, enabling plasterers to skim over socket, switch, downlight and sprinkler holes quickly and easily. The recyclable centre is then removed with a hooked blade, which follows the groove of the cover plate to reveal clean, reinforced edges.

BeadMaster’s range includes: Rectangle, for standard double gang socket and switches, Square, for standard single gang socket and switches, and Circle, for downlights and sprinklers. With three Circle sizes now available, all holes between 49-86mm to be covered with BeadMaster’s cover plates.

The products put an end to a number of well-known and time-consuming problems, including plaster inside sockets and switches, the need to cut random holes through freshly-applied plaster in search of missing cables and safety issues caused by stray live wires.

Recognised by the industry for its numerous benefits, the simple invention has been selected as a finalist in both the Innovation of the Year category for National Building & Construction Awards 2020 and Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2020.

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