Warehouse & Production Centre 15G, Speedwell Way, Border Valley Industrial Estate, Harleston, Norfolk, IP20 9EH

Stand No. Bicester

Sustainable Building Product Pavilion


Graphenstone: Creating 100% natural sustainable ‘harm-free’ mineral paints fused with graphene, the strongest material on earth.  Awarded Cradle to Cradle Gold certification, our unique product range purifies the air, capturing CO2, with ultra-low VOC’s, offered in 1000 beautiful rich matt colours.

Graphenstone ‘clean-tech’ lime paints meets the highest ‘Cradle to Cradle Institute’ Gold standard of sustainability. Products are made from natural elements and packaging is derived from 100% recycled materials which are fully recyclable too.

Our range contains Graphene – the strongest material known to science – its inclusion in paint enhances hardness, durability, compression, tensile strength, elasticity and coverage.

Graphenstone lime paints are carbon neutral. As the paint cures over its lifetime, Graphenstone lime coatings absorb up to 5.5kg of C02 per 15 litres from the local environment where it’s applied; cleaning the air, as opposed to the toxicity and off-gassing of typical plastic based systems.

No Plastic, VOC’s, chemicals or microbeads of any kind. The porous nature of our lime and graphene infused coatings ensure walls can breathe. Clients include Facebook, Grosvenor Estates, Aesop, Zara and Historic Royal Palaces.


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