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3HOMEE LTD is offering eco-friendly Perlite and Expanded Clay. They are modern building products that are widely used in European Union.

System3e is an innovative perlite-block system that does not require cement bonds, instead it relies on high precision engineering that allows the building blocks to interlock. It literally like building from large Lego blocks. Building without Waste and mistake in all weather conditions. Home environment resistant to mold, fungi.

  1. Perlite and Keramzite-Perlite products (Perlite brick, Perlite Stone, Keramzite block) they are extremely light and has a high thermal resistance, it is very resistant to frost and moisture, due to which there are no favorable conditions for the development of fungi and mold. It is characterised by high acoustic insulation, which makes the walls made of it well absorb noise in the rooms.

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