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Hollinroyd Farm, Todmorden, OL14 8RJ.

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Straw Works, the UK’s leading design, build and training company specialising in strawbale buildings, using only natural materials. We have lots of experience in supporting self-builders to build their own homes and we run practical and theoretical training courses through the School of Natural Building. We never design with cement.

Straw Works’ designs use almost exclusively natural materials. These include sheepswool, woodfibre board, hemp and flax insulation, recycled foamglass, FSC accredited timber and sheet material, timber windows, lime and clay plasters, shingled or planted roofs. To complete the sustainability package, Straw Works’ designs are so thermally efficient that very little heating is required once the building is finished. This thermal efficiency is due both to the materials and to the quality of the company’s work.

Most modern buildings are made from high embodied energy materials, but Straw Works’ buildings are made from LOW embodied energy materials, because they are natural, not highly processed, and usually sourced nearer the building site.

We have an exacting sustainability policy, and will not design anything which involves cement, including the foundations. Director, Barbara Jones, has pioneered several types of new foundation designs through UK Building Regulations in the past 20 years and has received numerous awards for her work. Since 1994 Barbara has designed and built hundreds of buildings, from council houses and private homes, to warehouses, studios, offices and classrooms, none of which have needed cement, and all of which are legal. Barbara has also had a hand in training many of the straw bale builders in the UK and Europe.

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Straw Works and the School of Natural Building