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“The Optimal Thermal Bridge Free Foundation Solution” – The Passivhaus Institute

ISOQUICK® provides both an effective and inexpensive insulating foundation for your home, saving energy and costs.

Cleverly designed modules are laid to form a “bath” for concrete to be poured into, creating a wrap of insulation that prevents heat loss and keeps toes cosy all year round.

Described by the Passivhaus Institute as “The Optimal Thermal Bridge Free Foundation Solution”, ISOQUICK® is a certified Passive House component and all-round fantastic raft system that allows for quick installation and optimum performance.

Often installed in a matter of hours, labour time, costs and waste are dramatically reduced when compared to traditional shuttering methods.

Full technical support Up to 50% reduction on concrete used  Thermal bridge free  Passivhaus compliant Protect against damp and mould Adapt to planning requirements and style Minimum cut-off  Less waste  Fast to lay  Form-fitting

Sustainable Construction

Building sustainably is essential both to preserve precious natural resources and to improve quality of life. That’s why ISOQUICK® is designed to be sustainable from start to finish. From manufacture, to delivery, to construction, to running costs – meeting the needs of occupants and the environment.

Ideal for Self-Builders 

For all our customers, including self-builders, we provide expert help to ensure your build goes as smoothly as possible. We understand your build journey and give comprehensive, practical, and personal advice on our product and its installation to make sure your self-build project is as bump-free as possible.

Happy Customers

Roger Yeoman, owner of the award winning BuildIt Eco house built using ISOQUICK®, who after four years of living in his new home sent us an email following a very cold winter that said:

“The Beast from the East has beaten me; this is the first time I’ve had to put the heating on. But I turned it off again after half an hour.”

Mr & Mrs Evans, who, two months away from completing their self-built forever home using ISOQUICK® received the results of their air tightness tests and were astonished to have scored an incredibly low 0.23 – even lower that the difficult to achieve score of 1 that’s needed to comply with the Passivhaus Standard.

Our customer who, in the kitchen of her newly built house where she had fitted ISOQUICK®, danced bare foot. Her friends thought that it was so warm she must have underfloor heating, which was not the case.

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