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Are you planning a NEW BUILD? Or MAJOR REFURBISHMENT? Do you need your home networked for computers/phones/TV/audio? Do you want lighting and building control? Use our FREE CRIS System Design Service for a schematic and bill of materials that will provide you with an innovative and affordable cable infrastructure solution.


ACA-Apex Limited is a design and manufacturing company dedicated to producing innovative networking solutions for the residential and small office market, whose enclosure and panel range includes the unique DRAK, SRAK, CRIS Pro and CRIS infrastructure systems.

Added to the manufacturing side ACA-Apex has sourced a number of high quality products from around the world to complement and complete its offering including speakers, audio systems, lighting and automation products, infrared systems and TV mounts.  ACA-Apex has been the first to bring many products to the market such as our renowned range of brush plates, and is continually expanding its range to embrace changes in technology or satisfy an obvious need in the market.

A brief description of some our product ranges are below, and if you click on the picture you will be directed to the relevant page in our website.

DRAK – Din Rack

The DRAK is a white powder cnew drak 3oated metal enclosure that comes ready assembled, with 5 din rails of 484mm length and a cover plate. The cabinet itself is 515mm wide, 150mm deep and 710mm high. Cable entry points are at the top and bottom of the enclosure with a further 6 cable entry points via knockouts in the rear. The solid door can be left or right opening and is lockable. This enclosure is ideal for our modular approach to lighting control as the modules are din mounted.

SRAK – Slimline Rack

SRAsrak with shelves resizedK is a wall mounted 19″ Rack which comes in 3U, 6U, 12U and 18U sizes yet is only 150mm deep. It can also be stacked and takes standard 19″ panels. There are 
optional extras such as a 300mm deep shelf specifically designed to fit the rack and protrude to the front, and brackets which are attached with standard
cage nuts to the panel fixing locations which allow AV or LAN equipment to be mounted vertically within the system. This system was designed to fit about us srakinto a standard sized kitchen cabinet.

CRIS Pro – CRIS Professional

This system comprises a Compact Slimlicris prone Rack which is a narrower version of SRAK yet still only 150mm deep and comes in the same four sizes of 3U, 6U, 12U, and 19U. The panels come from the CRIS range, or it can house standard 10″ panels made by others. This range is intended to be a midway solution between the existing CRIS system and larger 19″ rack systems for use by professional installers.

CRIS – Compact Residential Infrastructure System

 CRISabout us cris is one of the first home networking systems ever developed and is an elegant, unobtrusive and affordable in-wall cable infrastructure system that distributes voice/data/TV and music. Comprising of a plastic enclosure mounting rails and a large range of patch panels, it is a truly versatile and scaleable solution that enables any sized home to be networked and meet the demands of modern technology.

19″ Mulit Media Panels

ACA-Apex manufacture a comprabout us 19 inchehensive range of 19″ panels including a number of unique panels. The standard panels include patch panels, co-ax connector panels, speaker connector panels, brush panels and blanks. The panels unique to ACA-Apex include 2U and 4U recessed panels for vertically mounting AV equipment, a range of 3U panels that have socket sized apertures for US or UK sizes enabling items to be rack mounted that would normally be wall mounted. The connectivity options available include phoenix connectors, SVGA, HDMI, binding posts, RCA, f type, RJ45’s, and BNC.

Brush Face plates, adapter plates and modulesadapter groupBruh Module Group

Another clever idea initiated by ACA-Apex is the brush plate range which includes face plates in single and double gang size, adapter plates in single, double, triple and quadruple gang sizes, and the 50mm by 50mm
brush module, that slots into most Euromod face plates. Thes are a very neat solution for cable entry/exit from walls and provide the benefit of installers not having to terminate high quality cable interfaces. The brush colour options are black or white.

Wall Outlets and Modules

ACA-Apex has its own comprehensive range of solaudio and surround sound group pictureder-less termination wall outlets and modules which include but are not limited to:-2.1, 5.1, 7.1, and 7.2 surround sound wall plates; speaker a
nd sub-woofer modules; speaker/audio outlet modules; f type connector modules; RJ45’s and HDMI. Modules are euromod is size and come in black or white. Matching face-plates are also available and the 25mm by 50mm outlets can now also be mounted in a specially designed architrave wall plate and a number of speaker outlets are available in brushed stainless steel. Other brand outlets can also be supplied such as Triax and MK.