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Unico provides perfect home climate control.

A 3-in-1 solution that heats, ventilates and cools all from one system, usually powered by a heat pump.  Working efficiently & discreetly 24/7/365 to maintain perfect, optimum temperatures & exceptional indoor air quality.

Warm in winter.  Cool in summer. Always beautifully fresh, filtered air.

The Unico System provides:

Superior energy efficiency performance with 97% of the system energy delivered to the conditioned living space. 

Removal of 30% more humidity than traditional HVAC systems for improved air quality and optimum comfort levels.

A gentle ‘Aspiration’ principal and technology creating a draft-free, ultra-quiet and even room temperatures.

Conditioned air delivered quietly and seamlessly with decibel levels down to a whisper (less than 30 decibels). 

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality by integrating & combining ventilation, fresh air, air filtration and air disinfection with UV technology.

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The Unico System