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Radecor provides an exclusive line of stone and mirror heaters for your home. Genuine stone slices carved from the mountains of India to give a chic, organic look to any room but with the technology to cut energy bills by up to 20%.

Our heated radiators and mirrors produce a radiant heat which is similar to infra red. Unlike conventional heaters, ours heat the objects in the room rather than the air.

Radecor sees it’s stone radiators and heated mirrors as functional works of natural art. With stunning finishes, the latest technical innovation and simple yet stunning designs.

Our products use a radiant heat rather than convection, heating the objects in the room rather than the air. Similar to infra-red, our products save energy, lower your energy bills and provide a much more comfortable glowing heat.

We believe in simplicity, practicality and comfort. We welcome you to the Radecor experience, and we genuinely want to assist our customers in adding a luxurious touch to their homes as the air around you isn’t dried out.

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