The Naked House

The Naked House North West

The Naked House is one of the most impressive features at the Build It Live shows.  A section of a real house is built in the exhibition hall, so that the building materials can be observed as they would be in a real build project. This is a rare opportunity to see how a new build home could look at ‘first fix’ and also to see how various building products work together.

The Naked House presents various building products, including Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF), exterior finishes, underfloor heating, doors and windows, floor joists and roof trusses. See below for information on who is exhibiting at the Naked House South East and the Naked House North West.

Insulated Concrete Formwork

The insulation performance of Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) greatly reduces the running costs by up to 70% of any completed building, saving energy. The construction process reduces waste and significantly reduces the duration of time required to complete a project. See first hand in the Naked House, how this material can be used to best effect.

Bricks & Slips

Ketley Brick slips are a fast and effective way to clad a building.  Ideal for both external and internal brick walls, they are manufactured at 18mm thick and use only 30% of the carbon of a cut brick slip.  Come and see our range of 6 traditional colours in The Naked House!



EBRL is a family-run construction firm that looks to enable sustainable living and operations through energy efficient materials and design. We’re passionate about sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly construction that saves money and protects the environment. See their renewable technologies in The Naked House at Build It Live North West!

Windows & Doors

Brookeswood’s hardwood door, window, stair and architectural joinery products will transform your home into something of real beauty, whether it’s enhancing the aesthetics of an existing building or creating something unique for an extension or a new build project. Brookeswood Architectural Joinery will be showcasing their hardwood door and window products in the Naked House at Build It Live North West.