Self-Build Academy Taster Sessions

Self-Build Academy Taster Sessions

Build It has teamed up with Potton to create a series of Self-Build Academy taster sessions – for you to sample some of their full day courses. ThesSBA logoe 20 minute taster sessions are an opportunity for you to get a ‘taste’ of what to expect from their full day courses, which run at Potton’s show centre throughout the year.

Sessions cover all build systems and offer impartial, practical advice – pick up some top tips for your project at Build It Live! Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Below is an example timetable, taken from the 2017 Bicester schedule.

Keep an eye out for the Build It Live 2018 programme.

10.30 Design Process Explained
This taster explains the design process step by step. What do you need to consider, how to ensure the home fits your lifestyle and how to work with your designer to achieve your dream home.

11.30 My Energy Efficient Home
An introduction to achieving an energy efficient home, covering topics such as site and planning consideration, the building form and internal plan, thermal mass, fuels, heating and service cost and choosing the right insulation.

12.00 Intro to Self-Build
If you are considering a self-build for the first time or still searching for a plot, then this course provides you with all the information you need to start your self-build journey.

13.00 Design Process Explained
Repeated as above

14.15 Making the most of your plot at Graven Hill

Looking specifically at Graven Hill, we explain how to make the most of your plot and provide you with more detailed information on design, low-energy homes and project costs.

15.00 What is custom build?

An explanation of custom build, how it differs from self-build and how to work with Potton at Graven Hill in Bicester and other locations.