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Exhibitor News & Case Studies

Our Exhibitor News page is the ideal place to learn all about the fantastic work our exhibitors have been doing in recent months. Look out for new product announcements, browse through self build case studies or discover fantastic competitions that will be running at our Build It Live shows!

The exhibitors at Build It Live Bicester range from windows and doors suppliers to timber frame specialists, renewable energy providers and design & home build package companies. Whatever you need for your self build or renovation project, you’re sure to find it at Build It Live.

Green Building Store

Mick Dowling designed a traditional 4 bedroom house for a self-build project on the site of an old chalet bungalow. Touchwood Homes and Constructive Individuals designed the timber frame and fitted Green Building Store’s PERFORMANCE triple glazed oak windows and doors and a Paul MVHR system for the project.

Mick was keen to have an energy efficient house with modern technology and performance while also providing a design which was attractive and consistent with the local architecture . The house is built using I–beam timber frame construction, is insulated with recycled newspaper and achieved an airtightness value of 1.65 m3/ hour/m2.

Mick commented: “I had always wanted oak triple glazed windows for the self-build and started to research options on the internet. I came across Green Building Store’s website and got a quote for the PERFORMANCE range, which came within our budget for the project”.

Read the full Case Study here.

For further Case Studies from Green Building Store, visit their website.

Talk to Green Building Store about how your dream home can be energy efficient on stand C22 at Build It Live Bicester


VELFAC glazing is installed in an exemplary eco-home in Brighton, the first private house in the city to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5. Construction follows passive solar house principles, with VELFAC glazing specified for its impeccable low-energy and environmental credentials, and for its stylish design. VELFAC glazing is installed throughout the single-storey home, and is part of a natural ventilation system which minimises the impact of solar gain in Summer, while retaining the free heat delivered through the glazing in Winter.

Talk to VELFAC on stand B40 at Build It Live Bicester


Boiling Hot Water Taps

Boiling Hot Water Taps has launched a product that allows you to cook vegetables, create pasta dishes and make tea quicker than ever before. With time spent on basic kitchen preparation now eliminated, they can delivery of 99°c near boiling water instantly, at point of use. One of the many benefits of instant near boiling water is that it is much more energy efficient than a kettle by ensuring only the water required is used, greatly reducing waste and creating savings in water and electricity.

Speak to the Boiling Hot Water Taps team on stand E33 at Build It Live Bicester.

Carpenter Oak

Nigel and Annie Laing were inspired by TV show Grand Designs to build their very own self-sufficient home. Nigel found a plot with an existing bungalow on a 10-acre site before securing planning for a 4-bedroom home, to be built next to the existing property. This meant that they were able to live in the existing bungalow before it was later demolished. 

The property was self-designed by the couple with the help of an architectural technician. Having met Carpenter Oak at a self build exhibition, they decided that they wanted an Oak Frame married with block construction that offered longevity and to reflect the surroundings of the property. Read the full Case Study Here.

Meet the experts from Carpenter Oak at Build It Live Bicester and see how they can make your dream project a reality – head to stand C52.

Niko Home Control by Moss Technical

Niko’s mini detector is one of the coolest new additions to the suite of products on offer. The mini detector has been designed to monitor light and movement separately, making for a superb security feature. For examples, the light at your door or landing will switch on at 30% when it gets dark and only switches to full power when it detects movement. Or, if you enter a strorage room with your arms full of shopping, the light will automatically switch on/or off.

The discreet detector also controls the security functions of Niko Home Control. If you are not at home, it will activate the lighting if it detects movement, giving the impression you’re in, send an alert message to your smartphone and it could even activate your alarm installation. Thanks to an update of the user settings software and the user settings app, your customers can adjust the light intensity and the switch-off delay of the detector too.

Niko has released version 1.14.0 of the Niko Home Control programming software. The major improvement: the settings of the installer and the settings of the user are both retained at the same time. If they conflict, the last settings will take priority. What’s more?

  • The housing is waterproof so you can install is indoors and outdoors.
  • With an overall diameter of only 36mm, it is very discreet.
  • With protective caps, you can easily reduce its dectection range from 360 to 180 degress, making it less sensitive to movement in a particular direction.
  • There are two colour choices, white or black, making for even more of a discreet appearance depending on your ceiling colour.

The new Niko mini detector is available now (Part Number 550-20220). Speak to the team at Build It Live Bicester, stand B32.



NextPhase Development are pleased to introduce their Post Planning Manager, Karl Beeby. Their stand will feature a ‘drop in consultancy’ for planning questions. As well as expert planning and design advice their nationwide, one-stop consultancy now offers the following services tailored to your exact requirements: Building Regulations, Material Detailing, Pre-Tender & Tendering Works, Project Management, Architectural Design, Condition Surveys & Reports, Health & Safety, Insurance Reinstatement & Refurbishment Projects, Timber Expert Witness & Timber Technology Design.

Talk to NextPhase on stand A12 at Build It Live Bicester



The owners of Gravel Farm House, near Ely, wanted to replace their old oil boiler with a renewable heating system that would offer lower running costs for their six-bedroom home and take advantage of RHI tariffs. Thanks to a new ground source heat pump from Viessmann, they were able to create their own communal heating system, additionally providing heat and hot water to three on-site holiday bungalows. “The heat pumps provide a really nice warm temperature in our home all year round and it’s really easy to operate,” they say.

For advice on how to add renewable heat to your home, visit Viessmann on stand C12 at Build It Live Bicester


Northcot Brick

Multi-award winning company Northcot Brick will be displaying its acclaimed range of handmade, reclaim looking bricks and matching ‘specials’ at all three Build It Live events! Talk to their master brickmakers about their intricate detailing and brick matching capabilities. Made with traditional ‘age old’ brickmaking techniques, their bricks have a timeless instant aged appearance, which will add value and individuality to your dream home.

For more information or technical advice on all aspects of brickwork, talk to Northcot Brick on stands B14 at Build It Live Bicester